What is Combo Brands?

At Combo Brands we believe that the current service business model and methodology is dated and needs to be revamped. Imagine a world where you can open one business but operate three businesses within the same industry, offering complementary services, from the same location. Combo Brands has developed a truly unique franchise business model which allows entrepreneurs to invest in one single business, with one build-out, one rent, one payroll and yet operate three similar businesses with three revenue streams all from just one single franchise location or protected marketing territory. We coined the term, One Business, Many Brands.

Imagine buying into a well-established beauty and spa franchise, offering waxing services, but instead of operating just one single branded concept with one single revenue stream from your location you had the opportunity to also add two other brands that provide complementary services and require the same store layout and equipment. For example, a massage business as well as an eyelash extension business can easily be operated from the same store as a waxing business. You’re dealing with a common store layout, equipment set and customer profile. Additionally, you can take advantage of the cross marketing that naturally takes place between the brands.

Operating multiple brands from one location, brings in multiple revenue streams from the same customer and through the cross marketing between the brands, gives you the ability to attract new customers interested in the myriad of services you provide. Imagine buying one protected marketing territory but instead of operating just one home services business you could now offer the same customer multiple different home services.

This is Combo Brands, the future of franchising.

Combo Brands, The World’s First Co-Branded Franchise System

Number of Brands

Number of Locations

The Benefits of Franchising a Combo Brand

One Business, Many Brands.

Low Start Up Cost

One Franchise Fee

One Royalty Fee

One Location

Multiple Revenue Streams

Shared Employees

Diversified Risk

Faster ROI

Well Known Brands

More Buying Power

Combo Brands VS Single Brands

Combo Brands

✔️ Pay One Franchise Fee = Multiple Franchises for the Price of One
✔️ Multiple Revenue Streams
✔️ Same Ongoing Customers + New Customers

Other Brands

Pay One Franchise Fee = One Franchise
One Revenue Stream
Same Customer Base

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