akti bao

Brand Overview

A few years back, serving as a Panamanian Diplomat in the city of Houston, Texas, Alvaro Dutari (CEO) tried for the first time what a BAO was. As time passed by he went to the actual restaurant where he tried the BAO and told the owner that he and his cousin, Jose Manuel Olmos (COO) wanted to bring his restaurant name and concept to Panama as a Franchise. Unfortunately, in a sense, they refused the offer by saying that it was a family business and that they did not want to expand. With this response, but knowing that the product was incredibly unique and different, this response made us start digging and seeing how to get bao in our hands to develop the idea. After a few months and with the hand of a local bao manufacturer (artisan made bao) we began, everything got into motion, and we started working on the AKTIBAO concept, recipes, model and branding. After a few weeks and with a few name options and try-outs on Instagram to see how catchy the name was, AKTIBAO was born. AKTI BAO is an urban restaurant with an Asian twist that brings Asian street food to a new elevated concept and relaxed environment. Using fresh ingredients, unique combination of flavors, we have created a perfect balance between Asian cousine with a Panamanian/Latin/Caribbean overall and international mix of flavors. This, combined with the restaurant’s entertaining and relaxed atmosphere, AKTI BAO not only captures the palate of its hipster audience, but also of those who crave for innovative flavors and an explosion of tastes.

AKTIBAO is a phonology that comes from the word activated in Spanish, a fundamental word that defines its essence, the vibrancy of the place, its food and its patrons.


Besides from offering the most delicious Baos in the World, in. Our main Goal is that you feel at home, that you can have the best time with your friends, whether it is listening to Rock and Roll from all generations, playing video games, watching the best sports games or enjoying a local craft beer. Akti Bao is a place for the whole family, all our days are themed and different, so you can enjoy our Baos and the best service. any order.

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