Brand Overview

Our Doctors are state licensed in chiropractic and state certified in Acupuncture. They have years of continuing education which not only satisfy state licensing requirements but keep them up to date on the most recent and effective techniques used in alternative healthcare.

The doctors at BodyWorkz strive to treat each pain patient as an individual with specific needs and therefore specific treatment plans are recommended based on each case. That may include chiropractic, acupuncture and massage. Home stretching and ice may also be recommended. Each patient will provide a health history to review with their doctor and undergo an ortho/neuro examination to establish the best diagnosis. Your care plan may include Xrays or an MRI if needed.

Our chiropractors are well-informed of the lastest research in their field and apply evidence-based techniques tailored to your needs. We treat children, athletes and the elderly. Wellness is a wonderful benefit of regular chiropractic care but for specific conditions treated please browse our web page.

Our therapists have been trained at the best massage therapy schools and are Arizona licensed and insured. Our doctors and therapists work closely together on your treatment plan in order to expedite your healing process and have you feeling better than ever! Our on-staff, licensed massage therapists provide a wide variety of massage therapy services. We have worked with former NFL football players, tennis players, baseball players, golfers, high school athletes, and much more. The BodyWorkz massage therapy team has also cared for the elderly, those who have experienced surgery, car accidents, and those suffering from chronic pain.


People around the world lead stressful lives and have tension build up in their bodies day by day – BodyWorkz exists to give people the release they need from this tension and pain. The therapies we provide are world-renowned and the demand for them is high, but patients want a name they can trust when they search for treatment. We’ve been growing the BodyWorkz brand since our founding in 2014 through strong social media advertising campaigns, and now we are ready to expand our operations. Join our family and start offering treatment to your city under the trusted BodyWorkz name, all while turning a profit in your own business! Ready to invest in your future? Contact Franchise Creator today for more information!

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