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Brand Overview

In 2014, Coconut Stock decided to turn a creative idea into something everyone can enjoy and benefit from. We not only provide some of the best tasting and most appealing coconuts you can find, but we add that personal touch to it that will help impress your guests. 

We shave down into the shape of a diamond. This gives them a unique and clean look that make them one of the highlights of any event. That’s not all; we take it one step further and customize each coconut by branding it with your logo. This will impress your guests even more with the personalized look, and you’ll be able to use them as promotional pieces and centerpieces throughout the event space. Our coconuts have been featured in a variety of hotels, festivals, weddings, corporate events, and tropical parties across the Miami area.

We get our young coconuts from tropics. The beautiful, tropical sunshine and rain gives energy to the trees so that they can grow big, healthy, rich, and the fertile soil ensures the development of fantastic nutrients in the coconuts themselves.

Holding the coconut in your hand, seeing the personalized designs, and tasting the fresh, nutritious drink is a phenomenal experience. The unique shape of our diamond-cut coconuts and the flavor of the authentic tropical coconuts are what makes our product so special and significant.



Our coconuts have been featured in a variety of hotels, festivals, weddings, corporate events, and tropical parties across the Miami area. Custom branded coconuts are the perfect addition for any event or celebration that deserves the ultimate tropical drink!


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  • Hotels 
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