The growth will happen this spring.
Combo Kitchen, the rapidly expanding restaurant franchise system recently ranked #1 in the Ghost Kitchen category and one of the Top 50 Fastest Growing Franchises by Entrepreneur’s FRANCHISE 500 awards, is announced a new partnership with Kraver’s Canteen, allowing for exclusive expansion of Combo Kitchen’s D. Wade Burgers concept into the Philippines. The expansion is set to take place this spring, launching simultaneously in 10 locations across Greater Metro Manila. The brand plans to grow to more than 150 locations by 2025.

The Kraver’s Group is best known in the Philippines for operating the fastest growing cloud kitchen network in the country, offering service solutions for brands looking to grow online. With a strong founding team that is committed to quality food and excellence in service, Kraver’s Canteen is the natural local partner for Combo Kitchen’s stable of brands.

Regarding the partnership, founder and CEO of Combo Kitchen, Hossein Kasmai, remarked, “We’re excited for the opportunity to bring D. Wade Burgers to Asia through the relationship we’ve created with Kraver’s Canteen. We’ve seen exponential growth nationally over the last year of business and look forward to beginning our expansion on an international scale.”

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Combo Kitchen in the Philippines and cannot wait to bring the legendary burgers of Dwyane Wade into the hands of Filipinos nationwide,” says Victor Lim, co-founder of Kraver’s.

D. Wade Burgers will make slight adjustments to the menu to be friendlier with the Filipino market, and will exclusively introduce the Manila Burger, which will feature ‘litson baka‘, or classic Filipino-style roast beef.

The Impossible Burger will be replaced with UnMeat products from Century Pacific, and to replace the double-coated WOW Fries, the brand will introduce another delivery-friendly fry that is extra crispy, crunchy, and perfect for the market.