I Love Lucy

Brand Overview

In creating the identity for I Love Lucy, we sought to embody the vibrance and authenticity of Cuban culture. Hossein Kasmai, CEO and Founder of Combo Brands and Combo Kitchen, saw the potential for growth that Cuban cuisine held. The development process involved crafting a menu that explored all the traditional favorites, from croquettes to guava and cheese pastries. Combining rich textures and fresh ingredients served to highlight the savory flavors that our menu provides. After designing, developing, and proofing our concept, we were ready to make an impact in the food industry. Always striving to perfect our products, superior customer service, and passion for authenticity leads to a memorable experience for our guests.

We hope to capture the essence of Cuba’s culture through our menu items’ rich textures and savory flavors!

Menu Highlights

You are bearing witness to a brand that will popularize Cuban cuisine nationwide. With our proven systems, quality food, and consistently superior service, we will lock our place in the industry as a power to reckon with. Through our principles, we stand firm in our goal. These principles are:


  • Quality: Our product is king. From our recipes, we have engineered a menu that holds true to the authentic foods and pastries you would see on the streets of Cuba. With our quality-checking process, customer satisfaction is a certainty.
  • Innovation: We are consistently improving our product to continue evolving with the times.
  • Superior Staff: Our bakery would not be successful without our engaging and welcoming staff that doesn’t just make customers feel welcome but treats them like family.


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