Moshi Moshi Express

Brand Overview

Established in 1997, Moshi Moshi has been welcoming Miami’s lively customers to their fun, casual locations for over two decades. With a menu that caters to all walks of life, the name, Moshi Moshi is a traditional Japanese greeting that appropriately reflects the warmth and hospitality bestowed on all those who stumble upon this late-night sushi spot.

Originating from the Japanese sake shops that allowed customers to sit and drink on the premesis, an izakaya is an informal Japanese bar that serves sake and small plates for after-work drinking, similar to Spanish Tapas bars.  In Japanese, the word izakaya means ‘to stay’, ‘alcohol’, and ‘shop’, which literally means it’s a shop to stay and drink alcohol.

Menu Highlights

Quality sushi, sashimi, and all your Japanese favorites in a fun and vibrant way.

SUSHI • SAKE • TAPAS  Brought to you by award winning Sushi Master Chef, MOSHI MOSHI’s menu offers traditional Japanese dishes like sushi, sashimi, fried rice, ramen and teriyaki dishes, including fun surprises like their homemade ceviches and tiraditos reflecting Miami’s diverse cultural palette.

The extensive list of Izakaya-style appetizers from the kitchen and sushi bar range from the ordinary to the extraordinary – using only the highest quality fish, fresh vegetables, and wagyu beef.

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