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Do you own a successful business? We are looking for leaders and the best of the best in each industry. Let us evaluate your business and if it meets our criteria, we would add your business to our network and grow you through our franchise system, WITH NO COST ON YOUR SIDE!

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Why Join Our Network?

If you own a business and are looking to expand your business by opening more locations and/or territories, then you must apply to be considered for our Combo Brands Network. We are constantly looking for successful businesses that might be a good fit for our Combo Brands Network! Instead of investing your own resources to open more locations, if approved by us, we will include your brand in our list of highest quality brands to be selected by our franchisees. For each franchisee that selects and opens a business that includes your brand, we pay you on-going royalty. In addition, we are adding valuation to your brand by expanding it into new markets.

Combo Brands unique franchise system helps businesses like yours increase brand awareness, boost foot traffic to your flagship location, and refine your business through franchisee reports – All of this without a dime of expense on your side. Nothing but upside on your end.


Our Experience

About our Founder/CEO Hossein Kasmai

Hossein, as an electrical engineer was an executive at Motorola for many years, leading a team of 35 engineers in developing high tech communication products including pagers and mobile phones. He left Motorola in late 90’s and started a high tech communication company named Infopage, providing wireless products used for transmitting messages to LED signs and TV sets in restaurants, hotels and
airports. His company grew exponentially and within one year after inception it was acquired by a large wireless firm in Canada. As an entrepreneur, next, he developed a complex hardware/software system to digitally capture a child’s fingerprints, photo and other information needed by the police in order to aid in finding a missing child. The service was initially offered to parents in schools and day cares in Miami. Quickly after launch, Hossein franchised Guard-A-Kid and began offering franchises to those who wanted to start a similar business in their area. Hossein’s business quickly grew to be ranked as the leading (ranked #1) franchise in it’s industry, while being ranked consistently among the top 500 franchises and the fastest growing franchises in the nation. By 2010, only five years after it initial launch, the company expanded to over 175 franchises in 11 countries worldwide. Guard-A-Kid was acquired in 2010 by an investment firm.

After the rapid success with Guard-A-Kid as a franchise, he quickly became recognized as a franchise expert and was approached by many companies that requested his advice on franchising their business.

In 2011, he founded Franchise Creator, providing franchise consulting services to companies nationwide.

Franchise Creator works with business owners who wish to expand their business nationwide through franchising. Operating out of three offices in the U.S. and having converted close to 600 businesses into successful franchises, Franchise Creator is now ranked as the largest franchise consulting firm in the nation. Hossein is recognized as an expert in various industries and is actively a business adviser to
many globally recognized brands.

Hossein founded a new industry disrupting business called Combo Kitchen in October 2020. Combo Kitchen is a ghost kitchen/co-branded franchise systems that through a partnership with well-recognized restaurant brands, allows their menu to be implemented as a ghost operation in other smaller localized restaurants. Combo Kitchen has grown to over 200 franchises in less than 16 months and has been ranked by Entrepreneur magazine as the number one ghost kitchen franchise in the world. It was also ranked in the top 50 fastest growing franchises, top 25 new and emerging franchises, Top 100 Low-Cost Franchises, Top 100 Food Franchises and among the Best of The Best Franchises. All rankings were published by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2022.

In the third quarter of 2021, Basketball super star Dwyane Wade partnered with Hossein to create a brand-new burger line called D. Wade burgers and Udonis Haslem partnered with Hossein to create a new line of wings under the brand U.D. Wings. Hossein and his companies have been featured multiple times in articles featured in recognized publications and news outlets including Entrepreneur Magazine, NBC News, CBS News, Franchise Times Magazine, Specialty Retail Magazine, Opportunity World Magazine, INC Magazine, The Miami Herald, Des Moines Register and more. Hossein has also been on many Podcasts regarding franchising and business expansion.

We Do All the Hard Work For You!

In franchising, the franchisor’s role is to assist the franchisee with the build-out of the new location and ongoing operations. The Combo Brands corporate team will help all franchisees scout their location, design and construct their franchise business, advertise their services, and operate the P.O.S. system. All you have to do is train the franchisee that selects your brand on how to replicate your business model and The Combo Brands team will handle the rest!

Empower Your Brand

Increased Brand Awareness

Your brand in multiple locations worldwide, yields a higher international reputation for your brand. More social media followers, more website visitors and more customers for your business.

More Buying Power

With each new location opening, more of the same essential products are purchased, lowering product costs, thus saving you money on your own product purchases.

Amplify Flagship Traffic

As Combo Brands expands your business into new markets, consumers become more aware of your products and services, which would naturally increase the traffic into your existing business.

What are the Benefits of Joining The Combo Brands Network?

Solid Franchise Development Team

Under the direction of CEO Hossein Kasmai, our parent company Franchise Creator has successfully developed over 600 franchise brands some of which have made it all the way to successful exit and today ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine in the Top 100 fastest growing franchises.

Shared Royalty

When your brand is selected by any of our franchisees, you begin to receive on-going royalties, whether you’re awake or asleep.

Training and Support

As a participating brand, you provide the initial training to any franchisee that selects to start a business under your brand.

Increased Company Valuation

With each new location, your brand and your business valuation will increase thus significantly increasing the business valuation and your exit strategy potential.

Quality Control

When entrepreneurs invest their own money to operate a business under your brand, they are just as devoted as you are and have a vested interest to make sure the business thrives and they always put their maximum effort to operate their business. This is why franchised businesses run so smoothly and so consistent compared to local businesses.

Customer Feedback

Utilize new locations to connect better customers in various parts of the country and gauge their feedback in order to improve your products or services.

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