Sushi Mahi

Brand Overview

As a brand, Sushi Mahi’s identity is defined by versatility. Most sushi brands have the same dull sushi roll combinations with a brand image that falls flat. In contrast, we took the initiative to revitalize the sushi category and emphasize unique flavors. Our craftsmanship in the kitchen led to us curating a menu that has something for everyone. This stage in development helped us find our footing and focus on bringing a fresh perspective to the food industry. Sushi Mahi has perfected the sushi roll as well as the sushi burrito and continues to defy expectations through their quality Japanese cuisine.

As a staple dish in Japanese cuisine, we are responsible for upholding the nature of this tangy yet savory recipe while also implementing a breath of innovation into the process.

Menu Highlights

We aspire to leave behind a legacy. One that educates the public on Japanese culture and the famous cuisine that helps define it. Much like the anatomy of a sushi roll, Sushi Mahi is made up of several elements that help us accomplish this goal:


  • Fresh Ingredients: A critical aspect in creating our Sushi rolls is what they consist of. The food preparation process is one that we take seriously. That’s why we source all of our ingredients from reputable vendors.
  • Diversity: Every dish and roll we create is meant to appeal to different taste palates. We enhance the item-choosing experience by providing more options than a normal sushi restaurant would have.
  • Growth: Our brand has a tried and true concept that can progress and expand as time goes by. We continue developing new recipes and combinations to maintain our spot as one of the best sushi restaurants in the industry.

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