Weighless MD

Brand Overview

Weighless MD provides a unique approach to weight loss. They believe that calorie restriction and increased exercise are ineffective when the body is out of balance.. Weighless MD uses a combination of strategic weight reduction programs, nutrition expertise, and specialized testing to help people lose weight faster, while healing the body.. Weighless MD was founded by Cheri Stoka, a registered dietitian and functional nutritionist who is passionate about health and wellness. “I wanted to be part of the solution. Our nation’s health is trending in the wrong direction and people deserve to know the truth about weight loss.”

Cheri attributes her success to the efforts and experience of her team, which consists of integrative practitioners, dietitians, and nurse practitioners dedicated to improving the lives of their patients. Weighless MD has built a community of patients and followers who acknowledge their relentless hard work, dedication, and expertise in this area. As their unique approach evolved, the next step was to share their incredible weight loss business model with other communities through a new franchise opportunity!

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Weighless MD franchising model allows current or future clinicians, business owners, and medical professionals two options: 1) traditional franchise model or 2) turnkey addition to an existing practice that would like to add Weighless MD to services being offered. Now is your chance to jump on board our fast-moving train to success! Weighless MD has achieved high levels of acclaim in the weight loss industry; and, the groundwork has been laid for franchisees to experience the same success!

Weighless MD promises fast results by providing strategic weight loss solutions that help the body achieve a healthier metabolic state. They help tackle underlying imbalances that may be affecting the body’s ability to lose weight. Weighless MD is on a mission to revolutionize the weight loss industry by incorporating integrative philosophies that support the core center of health and, more importantly, empower self-advocacy, so weight loss is long term. Thanks to this aspect of their weight loss program, they’ve had a stream of success; franchising with them would mean investing in their vision to help other individuals worldwide.


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